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Seasonal collections and special projects.

Hollywood history.

Did you know that Monty Clift was supposed to be in Sunset Boulevard, but he passed because he had a sugar momma already, and she thought the movie was too close to Monty's reality.

Infamous crimes.


The Black Dahlia killer's daughter went to Hollywood High and was friends with Sue Lyons (Kubrick's Lolita), and Michelle Phillips (Mamas and the Papas).

The cult phenomenon.

DIY punk clothing translated into ready-to-wear collections.

Charles Manson's parole officer has only one client - Charlie. He also worked at the Haight Ashbury Free Clinic which supplied LSD to the youth in Haight in order to study its affects.

Distressed shirts.

Fucked up sweatshirts.

Hand-knitted sweaters.

Worn-out bottoms.

When Monty crashed his car in the Hollywood Hills, Liz drove down from the party and reached into his mouth and pulled his teeth out of his throat.

Scribbled drawings, touches of paint, hand-worked detailing.

Every shirt is a movie, Every sweatshirt is a movie, Every sweater is a heartbreak, My pants tell a story.

Hollywood will never die.